Maytag mdc4809pab Dishwasher Review

adsense 336x280 As a new buyer you might ask what it mdc4809pab? Then all the online site will answer it is a Maytag portable dishwasher. What is the best offered by this product? and how consumer feedback about this automatic washing machine? You will get the answer after finishing reading this review.

It is important for you to know that the dishwasher mdc4809pab, is one of a series or models that were created to accompany mdc4809paw. Both are offered with the same specifications but the color of each product makes them look different. If mdc4809pab offered in black, then mdc4809paw offered with a bright white color. That's it.
maytag mdc4809pab review

Mdc4809pab official selling price is also the same as the white model. Based on the official website of Maytag, you can carry this portable type and put in a modern kitchen space after you pay the money for $ 749.

Mdc4809pab also entered as one of the 5 best portable dishwasher for sale at a price of less than $ 800. To see other brands please click here.

When compared to other brands, specs Maytag Mdc4809pab no significant difference. This product still has two rack Vinyl, a silverware basket, 5 cycles of washing with 4 program options, energy star certification, saving energy consumption is only 295 kWh per year.

So what is the best offered by this Maytag dishwasher?

24 Inc Tall Tube Design

It is one of the portable dishwasher rack that uses the most modern designs are widely used in all types of dishwasher today. With overall dimensions of 24 inches this unit allows you to do the cleaning dishes in larger quantities. Not only in terms of quantity, high-tube design also lets you enter sized cutlery higher or wider such as bowls, pots, or even by a millimeter larger glasses.

But this product uses a plastic tube ?

Do not pay much attention to the type of material used in the tube, although I also agree that tabun stainless steel are the best at this time. But plastic tube used in Mdc4809pab also have good quality and of course durable. Plastic is the one that makes the sound of the engine becomes noisy when run, to provide solutions to the problems of noise, then the Maytag has added a sophisticated package that serves as a tool to muffle the sound. This feature is called "Quiet Pack sound package". It's about cleaning. right?

Are there any other best features owned by Maytag Mdc4809pab and not owned by any other brand ?

All new Maytag dishwasher is equipped with a sophisticated extra features, including Mdc4809pab. There are three extra features are placed on the inside of this product is JetClean II Wash System, 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper, and Twice the Life Motor. All three of these features you will not find on other brands, and this feature makes all Maytag dishwasher has two times better performance to be able to clean all the dishes and eating utensils optimally.

Cheap portable dishwasher with a 4.3 star rating

Score rating given to mdc4809pab is an official scores are presented on the official website Maytag. This portable type to get a total of 189 customer reviews. Where 112 consumers give five stars. In most consumers give positive response to the quality sector of 4.4, while for design, performance, features and capacity of all get a score of 4.3. So if the total score is taken from the average of its scores is a 4.3 star rating.

Following positive reviews from consumers about mdc4809pab:

  • art60

The machine cleans great and my dishes come out sparkling clean. This machine is somewhat noisier than my other one but I can live with the noise.
  • willie

We are completely satisfied with our purchase and hope for many years of service.
  • Oldbicyclerider

This may be part of how they achieve such great energy savings. I really like the casters that they put on this one, it really is easy to move around in the kitchen.

The following consumers who have different review about mdc4809pab :

The dishwasher does a wonderful job cleaning the dishes, but the capacity layout is terrible. It was advertised to hold dishes from a dinner for 10 and unfortunately, I can squeeze in 8 large plates and 8 small plates, but doing so leaves no room for cereal or dessert bowls, let alone serving bowls. I'm most disappointed as the size of this new dishwasher is the same as my old dishwasher in which I could put dishes from a dinner for 10 as well as glasses, cups, cereal and dessert bowls. The only reason I can see for this problem is the grid in which the dishes are placed is poorly spaced, thus limiting the way the dirty dishes can be arranged.
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