Portable Dishwasher FAQ

One of the innovative kitchen appliances that we often find in modern kitchens are a portable dishwasher. Portable type is a popular choice because it is offered at affordable prices and include many modern features. As a consumer who wants to put a new dishwasher in your kitchen, you probably have many questions about this type ?

When you are searching for answers via the Internet, this is the right place. We present the 12 most frequently asked questions about portable dishwasher.

What is a portable dishwasher ?

An innovative kitchen equipment with wheels at the bottom that serves to clean the dishes and eating utensils automatically. You can also find the definition of this type of dishwasher from some popular website in full here.

The difference with other types ? 

Portable dishwasher has no difference with other types when viewed in terms of function, as well as cleaning the dirty dishes. But what distinguishes it from other types is that the portable dishwasher is equipped with wheels so it can be easily moved to a place that you want.

Availability dimension ? 

There are two dimensions that can be your choice which is 18 inches and 24 inches.

Parts of a portable dishwasher ?

There are several important device that is located inside the portable dishwasher, some parts need periodic maintenance.

Spray Arm with integrated lower and upper rack
silverware Basket .
Heating device.
Ditergent dispenser.

Location requirements ?

Not only can be placed in a large kitchen area, portable dishwasher is perfect for small modern kitchen. If you are planning to buy Maytag portable dishwasher, following the requirements of the location, based on the installation instructions that we have quoted from Maytag that you should know:

  • Grounded electrical supply is required.
  • Sink or laundry tub that can drain water at a minimum carry-away capacity of 7 gal. (26 L) per minute.
  • Top of sink or laundry tub that is at least 27'' (68.6 cm) high and not higher than 48'' (122 cm) from the bottom of dishwasher.
  • Floor support for dishwasher weight of 180 lbs (81.6 kg).
  • Grounded electrical outlet.
  • Hot water faucet or hot and cold single-spout water faucet within 30'' (76.2 cm) of the back of dishwasher.
  • 20-120 psi (103-827 kPa) water pressure.

The time required for washing ?

Most of the dishwasher, for a normal wash cycles usually only takes less than 45 minutes, but for the kind of heavy-duty cycle the washing process takes 2 hours.

Requirements detergent ?

The dishwasher requires a special detergent, Finish is the recommended option, or you can choose another brand of detergent suitable for automatic washing.

Needs water usage and energy consumption ?

Similar to the other types, the use of the water needed by portable dishwasher ranges from 10 to 14 liters. It is believed 20% more efficient than washing by hand.

The total power consumption is 295 kWh per year, if using an electric water heater is $ 35, while if you use natural gas water heater costs only $ 25 per year.

How long period of usage ?

When the operation is done according to the guidelines, the durability of a dishwasher including portable types can reach 12 years.

About hygiene ? 

The results of a dishwasher washing more hygienic when compared to wash dishes by hand. Following the opinion of the Bosch literature.

1. Manual wash is usually done with cold water whereas a dishwasher uses hot water to wash
the dishes this helps to kill harmful germs during the washing cycle.
2. The dishes come out dry which means that there is no need for drying them manually
afterwards or leaving them out for drying them – which reduces dust accumulation on the
3. The sponge used in the manual wash accumulates and breeds germs, which is not hygienic

Who is appropriate to use this type ?

1. A small family living in a rented house.
2. Those who have budget $ 700 to $ 800.
3. Families or a self that has a small kitchen space.

Maytag Portable Dishwasher Buying Guide

When you have a plan to have a new dishwasher, one of your family may ever suggest to buy Maytag portable dishwasher. But you are still in doubt and not make this suggestion as the main option, even though you think it is the best advice you've ever heard. Reading the buying guide, is the right step you need to do to eliminate doubts and ensure that you make the right decision.

This post will guide you to find out important information such as the availability of units, detailed specifications, extra features, prices, and where to buy. So you will actually know about the products that will be purchased in full.

Knowing Maytag portable dishwasher model series and check the availability of units

There are two new series Maytag portable dishwasher, namely MDC4809PAW and MDC4809PAB. Maytag MDC4809PAW series is presented in a bright white color, while MDC4809PAB offered with a shiny black exterior color.

To ensure that you can get the preferred model, so check the availability of the unit first. When you want to check via the Internet, here are some websites that can be visited which supply each model of Maytag portable dishwasher.

At hhgregg website :

In addition to providing electronic products, hhgregg is one of the popular website based in Indianapolis, Indiana, which also provides modern kitchen appliances including Maytag portable dishwasher. Maytag MDC4809PAW series available at hhgregg.

If you have an account in hhgregg, you can get a chance to get a discount coupon, and you can also make a hhgreg credit card. In addition, consumers who are in some areas that have been determined by hhgregg can get a rebate of up to $ 100.

For example, every consumer who is located in Sacramento, CA will get discounted prices of up to $ 100 when buying Maytag portable dishwasher through hhgreg website.

In AJ Madison website :

It is one of the websites which must be visited when you want to buy innovative kitchen appliances through the internet. All series Maytag portable dishwasher available at AJ Madison. In addition to providing product images, AJ Madison also provides video content that allows you to see details of the product to be purchased.

At shopping.yahoo Website:

Shopping.yahoo website provides a large selection of all types of dishwasher including portable type. All products are neatly presented, ranging from images, brand information and pricing information. Through this website you can easily find two series Maytag portable dishwasher, and allow you to make comparisons with other brands quickly and easily.

At Homedepot Website :

When you visit on this website, each product is presented in a special page that is equipped with easy navigation. Homedepot providing Maytag portable dishwasher models MDC4809PAW. If you do order through this site, besides being able to see the product images and video content, you can also check the delivery date available just by entering the zip code area.

At Maytag Official Website :

Maytag's official website is the right place, reliable, and secure to check all portable dishwasher models available. but we did not find any discounts on it. There is a special page provided to check the address of the store that provides the preferred model that is closest to where you live.

Maytag portable dishwasher specs and feature details :

Overall dimensions :

The dimensions of the Maytag portable dishwasher has a maximum height of 37 inches, wide 24/18 inches, and a depth of 26 1/2. This is a best-in-class dimensions, which can be used for cleaning dishes and eating utensils in larger quantities.

Tube material and number of racks :

Mytag series MDC4809PAW and MDC4809PAB using a plastic tube, and is equipped with two main rack is located at the top and bottom. Upper rack is integrated with the silverware basket.

Control Type :

All options on the program and the type of cycle Maytag portable dishwasher can be operated easily by accessing the front electronic control button.

Maytag portable dishwasher top features

JetClean ® II Wash System & 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper features

This is the best feature that can not be found on the portable dishwasher other brands. This feature has the ability to spray water with high pressure jets, while feature 4-Blade Stainless Steel makes the plates and cutlery twice as clean and hygienic.

Twice the Life Motor features

This is the main feature is on every type of dishwasher models. Motor on a Maytag portable dishwasher has experienced a period of testing, and the results for the use of cycles with normal mode, the motor can be used for more than 15 years.

MDC4809PAW and MDC4809PAB Table Specs

Number of Cycles5
Cycle Options1-Hour Wash, Heavy Duty, Light, Normal, Rinse Only
Program Options4 Hour Delay, Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash, Lockout, Sani Rinse
Control TypeFront Electronic
Decibel Rate64 dBa
Number Of Racks2
Rack MaterialVinyl
Tub MaterialPlastic
Unit Dimension37" X 24/18" X 26 1/2"
Energy Star QualifiedYes
Delay WashYes

Maytag portable dishwasher consumers reviews and score rating

Portable dishwasher with a 4.3 star rating, based on the Maytag website, the rating is classified based on the capacity, design, features, performance, quality, and noise scores. A total of 102 consumers give five stars to this product, the highest star awarded for performance and quality.

Maytag portable dishwasher official price

New portable dishwasher that is offered to middle segment with a price range of $ 300 to $ 800. If you have a small kitchen area and need a dishwasher that can be easily moved to anywhere. You can buy Maytag portable dishwasher with the official price of $ 749.00.

What is a Portable Dishwasher

The dishwasher is one of innovative kitchen appliances that are now often be found in many modern kitchen space. There are many types of dishwasher option available in the market today, this option aims to facilitate all the consumers to find the best type of dishwasher that suits their needs. One popular type of dishwasher that can be selected for the small kitchen space is a portable type. What is a portable dishwasher?

Definition of a portable dishwasher from some popular Websites :
Definition from cnet : "Portable and countertop dishwashers are not necessarily the same thing. Many portable dishwashers sit on wheels and can be moved in and out of your kitchen in order to conserve space. Both plug into your kitchen faucet as the water source and drain into your sink. These are excellent options if you have extreme space limitations but still want the convenience of a dishwasher. They can be moved and stored away from your kitchen and brought out as needed."

Definition from ehow : "Portable dishwashers are meant for residential use, usually in very small spaces where a permanent dishwasher cannot be installed. The dishwasher is on wheels and is connected to the faucet at a sink, as well as a power supply when in use, and disconnected from the water and power and stored in another area when not in use. Several different companies manufacture portable dishwashers. The units are relatively straightforward to use, but should only be operated by adults due to the use of hot water and electricity".

Definition from wikipedia : "Portable dishwashers exist in 45 and 60 cm (Europe) 18 and 24 inch (US) widths, with casters and attached countertops." 

Based on the above quote, then a portable dishwasher in our opinion is : an automatic washing machine which is used to wash dishes and eating utensils that have standard sizes 18 to 24 inches equipped with wheels at the bottom and is suitable for a small kitchen space and can be easily moved to any place.

Closer look at the inside of the dishwasher portable :

The next interesting thing is to see the parts in the portable dishwasher. In addition we will certainly find two rack at the top and bottom, we will also find a section called spray arm, at the bottom of the device is integrated with the he ating element, while the second spray arm is also integrated with the upper rack.

Image : howstufworks

Maytag Portable Dishwasher

Portable Dishwasher Spray Arm is a vital device that serves as a rotatable sprinkler, to clean dirt and stains on dishes and eating utensils. In order to keep an optimal cleaning and rinsing, then spray arm needs to be checked periodically.

While the heating element is a part that serves to heat the water which will be used as a dryer and can eliminate the bacteria on plates and eating utensils. This tool can increase the water temperature reaches 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last is ditergent dispenser, periodic checks also need to do on this device. It is a storage device as well as a supplier ditergen, to the tube. This device is integrated with the inside door of a portable dishwasher.

Who are using portable dishwasher ?

Portable dishwasher is a product aimed at the middle segment with the following criteria:

1. Those who have a budget of less than $ 1,000
2. Married couples living in a rented house.
3. Those who have a small kitchen space.

Reviews of Prices Maytag Portable Dishwasher

There are two series of new portable dishwasher offered by Maytag, which both have top features and specifications are complete. Maytag MDC4809PAW and MDC4809PAB series, can certainly be your partner to clean all kitchen equipment and dishes at your home quickly and easily. Once you find out the full review specification Maytag portable dishwasher, you might start thinking to buy this product now. To facilitate you get the best price quote, you need to read the following review :

Based on the official website of Maytag, MDC4809PAW and MDC4809PAB dishwasher offered for $ 749.00. With this price you get a package of new portable dishwasher 24 in which is supported by features such as the top JetClean II Wash System, 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper, Twice the Life Motor, 5 cycles by 5 program options, has 2 rack made ​​from vinyl.

Easy steps to buy a portable dishwasher via Maytag official website :

In addition to providing information on the specifications and price of each product type dishwasher including portable, Maytag's official website also provides pages to find the stores that provide their products. Once you have determined the product to be selected, please click the button where to buy under the product price information. next you will be brought to a page that allows you to find the store location nearest to where you live. You just enter the zip code in the area code field, then specify the type of store, and address a variety of stores will appear.

Pricing information Maytag portable dishwasher is available on Amazon, Ebay and Bestbuy:

Amazon, Ebay, Bestbuy is an online sales site that provides many household products including portable dishwasher. It is a popular site for all consumers who want to buy a new dishwasher product over the internet. We tried finding out what the price of the Maytag portable dishwasher on the three e-commerce sites. After searching, all three of these sites no longer provide product Maytag portable dishwasher.

But you do not worry, we've found a third party as a seller Maytag portable dishwasher that offers the best price. They are lowes.com and adjmadison.com.

Price Maytag portable dishwasher with a model series MDC4809PAB at Lowes is $ 629.10. The price offered by the stores located in the Chicago-Brickyard, IL. So this is good news for those of you who are located in Chicago. This is the promo price which lasts until April 22, 2014.

Information price Maytag portable dishwasher with MDC4809PAW series models, based Adjmadison. The series price is cheaper than the previous series. The price is $ 624.20.