"Mdc4809pab vs WDP350PAAB" Which One Would Be Your Choice ?

adsense 336x280 Mdc4809pab and WDP350PAAB are two portable dishwasher models from two different brands are Maytag and Whirlpool. Both are offered at the same price of $ 749. Are they twins ? the answer is certainly not. So which one is best and which one is most suitable for your modern kitchen? we wait for an answer from you.

Comparison of Mdc4809pab and WDP350PAAB presented by way of doing a review the specifications of each product.

Type of Control

Both of these products can be accessed with the help of an electronic control type on the front door. It is a standard type of control that is often used in most portable dishwasher products.

What is the difference in this section ?

The control buttons on Mdc4809pab have a neater appearance and a more complete program options. There are five electronic keys presented in the upper right corner. The first button to select more than 3 cycles options, the two keys to access 5 wash programs, a start button and a cancel button for drying.

WDP350PAAB also has a five-button electronic control, the first button to access the third cycle only choice, the two keys to access 4 washing programs, a button to run, and a drying cancellation button.

This means Mdc4809pab have the number of cycles and more complete washing programs.

Decibel Rating

Most of the problems that often complaints by consumers is the sound produced when the dishwasher is run. The noise level in a dishwasher can be measured by a score of decibels (dBA). Most quietest dishwasher usually has about 41-50 dBA noise level.

Here are the things that can cause high levels of noise in a dishwasher :

1. The product uses a plastic material tube.
2. The product is not equipped with features that can muffle the sound.

Scores noise level of the dishwasher Mdc4809pab is 64 dBA, the high score is because the product is not equipped with the features needed to muffle the sound, and the dishwasher using a plastic tube.

While Whirlpool WDP350PAAB get a score of 55 dBA. Although this dishwasher also uses plastic tubes, but Whirlpool has added a feature called packet Quiet Partner sound and sound reducing insulation.

Number of Extra Features

advanced features that are owned by a product can help you to determine the decision to buy. Most dishwasher manufacturers add extra advanced features that serve to improve the quality and performance.

These features are presented below we quote directly from the official website of Maytag and Whirlpool.

Mdc4809pab dishwasher models have three best features as follows :
1. JetClean II Wash System.
2. 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper.
3. Twice the Life Motor

While the additional features available are :

1. Oversize Capacity Plus tall tub.
2. Microprocessor Controls with Touch Pads.
3. Tiered Upper Rack.
4. One-Piece Removable Silverware Basket.
5. Vinyl-Coated Racks.

Extra features on Whirlpool portable dishwasher WDP350PAAB :

1. Tall Tub Design.
2. Sertifikasi Energi Star.

Additional features :

1. Auto soil sensor.
2. 1-Hour Wash Cycle.
3. High Temperature Wash option.
4. Heavy Cycle.
5. Quiete Partner I Package.

So which one is better ? I think Mdc4809pab offer features in greater numbers. Three features provided by Maytag, will certainly make Mdc4809pab have optimal performance and hygienic. While WDP350PAAB through a feature called Auto soil sensor also promises better performance. But most of the features offered by Whirlpool can be found in Maytag dishwasher. Instead what is on Maytag, Whirlpool does not have it. For example, a feature called Jet Clean owned by Maytag. Tull Tube design at Whirlpool, Maytag also provide this feature.

Mdc4809pab Dishwasher Rating And Reviews

WDP350PAAB Star Rating 

Mdc4809pab Dishwasher Specs Reviews 

Number of Cycles5
Cycle Options1-Hour Wash, Heavy Duty, Light, Normal, Rinse Only
Program Options4 Hour Delay, Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash, Lockout, Sani Rinse
Control TypeFront Electronic
Decibel Rate64 dBa
Number Of Racks2
Rack MaterialVinyl
Tub MaterialPlastic
Unit Dimension37" X 24/18" X 26 1/2"
Energy Star QualifiedYes
Delay WashYes

Whirpool WDP350PAAB Portable Dishwasher Spesification 

Number of Cycles3
Cycle Options1-Hour Wash, Heavy Duty, Normal
Program Options4 Hour Delay, Control Lock, Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash
Control TypeFront Electronic
Decibel Rate55dBa
Number Of Racks2
Rack MaterialVinyl
Tub MaterialPlastic
Unit Dimension37" X 24/18" X 26 1/2"
Energy Star QualifiedYes
Delay WashYes

  • Conclusion : 

Both portable dishwasher is certainly a difference, if you want a product with a number of more advanced features you can certainly make Mdc4809pab as an option. But if you pay more attention to the level of noise generated, then WDP350PAAB is the answer. Because this Whirlpool product has best decibel rating. adsense 336x280

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