What is the Best Type of Dishwasher Should I choose ?

adsense 336x280 Types available on a dishwasher is important to know first when you want to buy a new dishwasher. There are many variants to choose from, ranging from portable, semi and fully integrated? All of these types have been designed to be fitted with the budget and the criteria that consumers will use the product.

In order to choose the type of dishwasher correctly, you should know who you are? Are you a single, whether you are newly married couples, whether you are a family with more than five people? Do you live in a rented house?, In an apartment? or the house itself and is equipped with kitchen cabinets ? Answers of all questions is exactly what will allow you to determine the best type of dishwasher easily and quickly.

Portable Dishwasher Type

The dishwasher is mostly measuring 18 inches, fitted with wheels at the bottom so it does not require permanent installation. This type is usually supported by a tube made of plastic and some are already using stainless steel materials.

Stay equipped with two rack at the top and at the bottom, and a silverware basket, the capacity of the portable type is quite extensive. You can insert a plate and eating utensils and set it into more than 8 place settings. This type is usually supported by 3 to 4 washing cycle, with a few choice programs.

Semi Integrated Dishwasher Type

Besides available in sizes 18 inch, semi integrated dishwasher is also available in a larger size is 24 inches. This type is most certainly comes with a stainless steel tube. And this dishwasher requires a permanent installation in kitchen cabinets, but not completely integrated because the control button remains on the front above the door. With a wider size, typically the dishwasher can hold the plate in more than 10 place settings. and the upper rack can usually be adjusted.

Fully Integrated Dishwasher Type

Fully integrated dishwasher no longer showing control buttons on the front. This type is fully integrated with the kitchen cabinets. The dishwasher is definitely equipped with a stainless steel tube, and usually the larger tube designs that can be equipped with two spray arm to provide maximum cleaning results. Upper rack can also be adjusted to the desired height and wide. Dishes and eating can be set into more than 12 place settings. While the amount of leaching is usually more than six cycles with four to five program options.

Price portable dishwasher is always less expensive when compared with the type of semi-and fully-integrated, semi-integrated while the type sold at higher prices when compared with the portable, and less expensive when compared to the type of fully integrated. And fully integrated into the type of products offered at the most expensive among the other two types.


Portable dishwasher type are presented to meet the consumers who are currently living in a rented house, they can be single, or it could be a newly married couple. While this type of semi-and fully integrated very suitable for use by families with more than five people who are now living in their own homes with a set of kitchen cabinets, or live in an apartment. adsense 336x280

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