Maytag Portable Dishwasher Buying Guide

adsense 336x280 When you have a plan to have a new dishwasher, one of your family may ever suggest to buy Maytag portable dishwasher. But you are still in doubt and not make this suggestion as the main option, even though you think it is the best advice you've ever heard. Reading the buying guide, is the right step you need to do to eliminate doubts and ensure that you make the right decision.

This post will guide you to find out important information such as the availability of units, detailed specifications, extra features, prices, and where to buy. So you will actually know about the products that will be purchased in full.

Knowing Maytag portable dishwasher model series and check the availability of units

There are two new series Maytag portable dishwasher, namely MDC4809PAW and MDC4809PAB. Maytag MDC4809PAW series is presented in a bright white color, while MDC4809PAB offered with a shiny black exterior color.

To ensure that you can get the preferred model, so check the availability of the unit first. When you want to check via the Internet, here are some websites that can be visited which supply each model of Maytag portable dishwasher.

At hhgregg website :

In addition to providing electronic products, hhgregg is one of the popular website based in Indianapolis, Indiana, which also provides modern kitchen appliances including Maytag portable dishwasher. Maytag MDC4809PAW series available at hhgregg.

If you have an account in hhgregg, you can get a chance to get a discount coupon, and you can also make a hhgreg credit card. In addition, consumers who are in some areas that have been determined by hhgregg can get a rebate of up to $ 100.

For example, every consumer who is located in Sacramento, CA will get discounted prices of up to $ 100 when buying Maytag portable dishwasher through hhgreg website.

In AJ Madison website :

It is one of the websites which must be visited when you want to buy innovative kitchen appliances through the internet. All series Maytag portable dishwasher available at AJ Madison. In addition to providing product images, AJ Madison also provides video content that allows you to see details of the product to be purchased.

At Website: website provides a large selection of all types of dishwasher including portable type. All products are neatly presented, ranging from images, brand information and pricing information. Through this website you can easily find two series Maytag portable dishwasher, and allow you to make comparisons with other brands quickly and easily.

At Homedepot Website :

When you visit on this website, each product is presented in a special page that is equipped with easy navigation. Homedepot providing Maytag portable dishwasher models MDC4809PAW. If you do order through this site, besides being able to see the product images and video content, you can also check the delivery date available just by entering the zip code area.

At Maytag Official Website :

Maytag's official website is the right place, reliable, and secure to check all portable dishwasher models available. but we did not find any discounts on it. There is a special page provided to check the address of the store that provides the preferred model that is closest to where you live.

Maytag portable dishwasher specs and feature details :

Overall dimensions :

The dimensions of the Maytag portable dishwasher has a maximum height of 37 inches, wide 24/18 inches, and a depth of 26 1/2. This is a best-in-class dimensions, which can be used for cleaning dishes and eating utensils in larger quantities.

Tube material and number of racks :

Mytag series MDC4809PAW and MDC4809PAB using a plastic tube, and is equipped with two main rack is located at the top and bottom. Upper rack is integrated with the silverware basket.

Control Type :

All options on the program and the type of cycle Maytag portable dishwasher can be operated easily by accessing the front electronic control button.

Maytag portable dishwasher top features

JetClean ® II Wash System & 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper features

This is the best feature that can not be found on the portable dishwasher other brands. This feature has the ability to spray water with high pressure jets, while feature 4-Blade Stainless Steel makes the plates and cutlery twice as clean and hygienic.

Twice the Life Motor features

This is the main feature is on every type of dishwasher models. Motor on a Maytag portable dishwasher has experienced a period of testing, and the results for the use of cycles with normal mode, the motor can be used for more than 15 years.

MDC4809PAW and MDC4809PAB Table Specs

Number of Cycles5
Cycle Options1-Hour Wash, Heavy Duty, Light, Normal, Rinse Only
Program Options4 Hour Delay, Heated Dry, Hi Temp Wash, Lockout, Sani Rinse
Control TypeFront Electronic
Decibel Rate64 dBa
Number Of Racks2
Rack MaterialVinyl
Tub MaterialPlastic
Unit Dimension37" X 24/18" X 26 1/2"
Energy Star QualifiedYes
Delay WashYes

Maytag portable dishwasher consumers reviews and score rating

Portable dishwasher with a 4.3 star rating, based on the Maytag website, the rating is classified based on the capacity, design, features, performance, quality, and noise scores. A total of 102 consumers give five stars to this product, the highest star awarded for performance and quality.

Maytag portable dishwasher official price

New portable dishwasher that is offered to middle segment with a price range of $ 300 to $ 800. If you have a small kitchen area and need a dishwasher that can be easily moved to anywhere. You can buy Maytag portable dishwasher with the official price of $ 749.00. adsense 336x280

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