What is a Portable Dishwasher

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The dishwasher is one of innovative kitchen appliances that are now often be found in many modern kitchen space. There are many types of dishwasher option available in the market today, this option aims to facilitate all the consumers to find the best type of dishwasher that suits their needs. One popular type of dishwasher that can be selected for the small kitchen space is a portable type. What is a portable dishwasher?

Definition of a portable dishwasher from some popular Websites :
Definition from cnet : "Portable and countertop dishwashers are not necessarily the same thing. Many portable dishwashers sit on wheels and can be moved in and out of your kitchen in order to conserve space. Both plug into your kitchen faucet as the water source and drain into your sink. These are excellent options if you have extreme space limitations but still want the convenience of a dishwasher. They can be moved and stored away from your kitchen and brought out as needed."

Definition from ehow : "Portable dishwashers are meant for residential use, usually in very small spaces where a permanent dishwasher cannot be installed. The dishwasher is on wheels and is connected to the faucet at a sink, as well as a power supply when in use, and disconnected from the water and power and stored in another area when not in use. Several different companies manufacture portable dishwashers. The units are relatively straightforward to use, but should only be operated by adults due to the use of hot water and electricity".

Definition from wikipedia : "Portable dishwashers exist in 45 and 60 cm (Europe) 18 and 24 inch (US) widths, with casters and attached countertops." 

Based on the above quote, then a portable dishwasher in our opinion is : an automatic washing machine which is used to wash dishes and eating utensils that have standard sizes 18 to 24 inches equipped with wheels at the bottom and is suitable for a small kitchen space and can be easily moved to any place.

Closer look at the inside of the dishwasher portable :

The next interesting thing is to see the parts in the portable dishwasher. In addition we will certainly find two rack at the top and bottom, we will also find a section called spray arm, at the bottom of the device is integrated with the he ating element, while the second spray arm is also integrated with the upper rack.

Image : howstufworks

Maytag Portable Dishwasher

Portable Dishwasher Spray Arm is a vital device that serves as a rotatable sprinkler, to clean dirt and stains on dishes and eating utensils. In order to keep an optimal cleaning and rinsing, then spray arm needs to be checked periodically.

While the heating element is a part that serves to heat the water which will be used as a dryer and can eliminate the bacteria on plates and eating utensils. This tool can increase the water temperature reaches 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last is ditergent dispenser, periodic checks also need to do on this device. It is a storage device as well as a supplier ditergen, to the tube. This device is integrated with the inside door of a portable dishwasher.

Who are using portable dishwasher ?

Portable dishwasher is a product aimed at the middle segment with the following criteria:

1. Those who have a budget of less than $ 1,000
2. Married couples living in a rented house.
3. Those who have a small kitchen space. adsense 336x280

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