Sunpentown Dishwasher Review "Model SD-9241W White"

adsense 336x280 There are many models of dishwasher provided by Sunpentown, SD-9241W White is one of the models that we will review and possibly could be the best option for you. Why? Because SD-9241W is one of the inexpensive portable dishwasher under $ 500. Besides about low prices, there are several factors that make this product to be one of the most recommended.

To help that you can easily find out all the details Sunpentown SD-9241W portable dishwasher, we will summarize the review start of warranty, standard features, extra features, availability of a choice of colors, materials and video products, and price comparison information.


Every electronics manufacturer must always give a warranty for all the products they sell. Portable dishwasher SD-9241W has an official one-year warranty. This warranty is effective as of the date of purchase you make. Form of warranty is an official repair where the cost will be borne entirely by the Sunpentown.

While the product warranty does not apply if:

1. Damage occurs due to supply power voltage is not correct, burn or damage due to incorrect usage.

2. Damages resulting from changes or modifications made not from an official store.

3. Installation error that occurs during treatment.

Features standard SD-9241W :

Similar to the models of other portable dishwasher that had we review first, dishwasher SD-9241W features 6 wash programs, entered in one category of portable dishwasher energy star certified, and has two upper and lower rack.

The best feature offered:

This feature may not be much you find on other brands of dishwasher, and this feature may be owned only by white Sunpentown dishwasher. Modern features available on this white portable dishwasher is: Error Alarm, Warning Indicator Rinse Aid, Adjustable upper basket.

Benefits error alarm features for users:

You can easily to find out if there is damage or operator of errors easily with the help of this feature. This feature will feature two main codes E1 and E3.

E1 is the code that appears when the faucets are not open, the water intake is restricted, or the water pressure is too low.

E3 is the code that appears when the damage occurred due to improper temperature. For example, the temperature sensor does not work normally or the heating element is not working.

Benefits Warning Indicator Rinse Aid :

This is a feature that serves to provide reminders to refill detergent into the rinse aid box. You do not need to control every day, this feature will provide a special mark when refilling of detergent needed.

Benefits Adjustable upper basket :

Placed and integrated with the top Rack, Adjustable upper basket is a feature that serves as a place to put the cutlery with a larger amount in a lot of positions you want. Adjustable rack usually has 9 position settings. This feature is usually used as a place to put large pots and plates.
Color options :

Sunpentown offers many attractive color options on all models of their dishwasher. Especially for SD-9241W models are offered with white.

Material       :

The outer part or the whole SD-9241W white body covered with PVC, while for the inside of that tube, rack and other uses stainless steel materials.

Sunpentown SD-9241W dishwasher price review :

The official price portable dishwasher Sunpentown SD-9241W is $ 475. However if you are planning to buy through online stores such as Amazon, best buy, ajmadison, Homedepot, and ebay, you might get a different offer price.

Information price Sunpentown SD-9241W portable dishwasher on Amazon : $ 475, 14 units are still available.

SD-9241W on BestBuy : $399.99

SD-9241W white on AJ Madison : $ 380.00
SD-9241W Stainless Steel on AJ Madison : $ 407.00

SD-9241W Dishwasher Homedepot : $449.00

Sunpentown SD-9241W on Ebay : $465.00 adsense 336x280

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