Sunpentown White Dishwasher Review "SD2201W series"

adsense 336x280 White SD2201W series is one of a new dishwasher from Sunpentown is presented to meet the needs of middle segment around the world, including to the U.S. market. Offered at a price of less than $ 300, Sunpentown SD2201W countertop, ideal for small families who are planning to have a stainless steel dishwasher durable. Why ? Please finish reading Sunpentown dishwasher review.

The best offered by Sunpentown SD2201W dishwasher :

Rack on wheels with more than six place settings

When asked what the best offered by Sunpentown dishwasher, then we can find it by looking at the inside of the dishwasher white SD2201W. This product comes with a white rack with wheels at the bottom. When the door is open you can just pull the rack out, and you can put the plates and cutlery and can set it into more than six standard positions.

There is a silverware basket

Although SD2201W in the category of small dishwasher. This model continues to be supported with equipment that is shared by a large size dishwasher. SD2201W silverware basket serves as a place to put more than 20 spoons and silver kitchen appliances.

Durable tube and a low decibel level

Still on the inside, all Sunpentown dishwasher is equipped with a stainless steel tube. Stainless Steel is lighter and solid and durable. In addition, this material is not easily porous. Furthermore, stainless steell also capable of reducing the sound well, with a score of 55 dBA decibels, dishwasher white SD2201W be fairly quiet during operation.

Small dishwasher water saving and energy star

Electricity consumption SD2201W white dishwasher just reached 220 kWh in a year. During a normal wash cycle you only need 3.8 gallons of water (14.5 L). To provide a good washing results, you can also use the six types of washing cycle (Heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, and soak).

The best place to buy a Sunpentown SD2201W dishwasher

When you are planning to buy a white dishwasher Sunpentown SD2201W online, there are many best online stores you can visit to get the best price. You can visit the Amazon, BestBuy, Ebay, AJ Madison, and Home Depot. Or you can directly visit the official website Sunpentown.

Are there other models ?

Sunpentown also provides a new dishwasher the other models, in the category of countertop you can also choose the SD-2201S silver. Meanwhile, if you need a portable dishwasher, you can choose Sunpentown SD-9421W.

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